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Download (Version 6)

Download V6

Download V6 (5.4mb) Download V6 Lite (1.5mb)

It is recommended to use the Lite version if you have a low end device.

- New Java Screens
▪️ Death Screen
▪️ Bed Screen
▪️ Play Screen (Singleplayer, Multiplayer and Realms)
▪️ Disconnect Screen
▪️ First Person Screen (to match with Java's hands)
▪️ Revamped Settings Screen
▪️ Revamped Profile Screen
▪️ Storage Screen
▪️ Revamped Resource Packs Screen
▪️ Revamped World Options, World Resource Packs, World Behavior Packs and World Gamerules screen

- New Panorama.
- Moved the logo and text to the bottom right of containers.
- Improved the pause screen.
- Added export world option and import world options.
- Added the old GUI textures with some changes and made it the default GUI.
- Added bottomchat (Toggable)
- Default Lowfire instead of a custom colored one.
- Added Reset Default to all Settings
- Water is now more see-able while remaining clear-like.
- Fixed Resource Pack Buttons error on World Resource Packs
- Fixed Potion HUD rendering error
- Fixed the controller focus issue
- Fixed the need to double click a button in order for it to press
- Fixed the change profiles dropdown not appearing in-game
- Fixed the bubbles button not appearing in-game
- Fixed the Mojang copyright issue
- Fixed unable to sign in again after signing out of xbox live
- Fixed Feed button not appearing in Realms
- Fixed names not fitting properly in the feedback button of the home screen
- Fixed the smooth redstone wire not being smooth when interconnected
- Fixed shift clicking X on custom inventory crash
- Fixed shift clicking items on custom inventory doesn't remove the item
- Fixed clicking an item with another item not deleting the item
- Fixed gone recipe book button on the survival custom inventory
- Fixed item names not appearing when hovered over an item in the custom inventory