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Download (Version 4)

Rejoice Ye! Rejoice! For thy Gods have spoken thee- for they have answered your thy necessities, Astral V4!

Astral V4, also known as the BIGGEST update we have ever done on the Astral Client Project. It adds Java UI to Astral, inspired by
the Badlion Client.

1. Homescreen
- Attached the IGN beside the gamerpic inside the button.
- Oh hey, not a new panorama sad.
- Recreated some buttons

2. Settings Screen - the main thing that has been updated in this update;
- Completely brand new settings screens to match with the Java Edition screens.
- Inspired by Badlion, the texts, the colours are smooth and contrasts with each other.
- Still has all the options (Max framerate, V-Sync etc.)
- Make sure to use the scroll bar if you're scrolling down (mobile only)

We have decided to not add the Java Chat UI since it was very buggy and was eating up the whole screen (No matter how much I layer it, or set it's size, offset etc.)

3. Pause Screen
- Brand new pause screen to match with the Java Edition screen.
- To access the player permissions and list, click on "Players".
- To access the world settings, go to Settings -> Accessibility Options. Perspective changes and world settings should be visible there.

4. Chest Screen
- Added the Astral Client logo and text inside the Chest Screen (Inspired by Badlion)

5. Hud Screen
- Moved the coordinates to the bottom right.
- Player doll renderer is now on top-most left.
- Chat and Scoreboard are no longer fully transparent, but semi-transparent.
- The bossbar is no longer invisible, but same with the chat and scoreboard, semi-transparent.

6. Inventory Screen
- Removed the (?) help button.

7. Rendering/Textures changes
- Removed stars
- Clean Tall Grass
- No Fog
- Removed the particles except the crit particles for the particle mutliplier
- Smoother Diorite Granite and Andesite
- Lower Shield
- Smoother Grass (Full Grass but the textures are smoother)
- Better Observers
- Connected Prismarine
- Orange Birch
- Smoother Glowstone
- Plain leather armor

Astral Client V4 will also be attached to this message.

NOTE 1: This version does remove the subpack feature (since Java doesn't have subpacks) to use a subpack for your pack,
disable Astral first then access the pack with the subpack through the default resource pack menu.

NOTE 2: The default edits will come out as separate packs later.

NOTE 3: If you find any bugs please report them #bugs asap so I can change/update the download immediately.

NOTE 4: Astral V4 is a different UUID so you can stack V1-V4 separately.

Credits Addition to the better textures Addition to the better textures No help button

Massive thanks to FMarquesPTO for allowing me to use his Java UI. You can find his social links here.
MCPEDL Java UI download: (currently unavailable)