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After 3 weeks of Astral being idle, there is finally a new version! I have made it so that everyone now uses the same version! No matter if you are
PC, Mobile, Tablet, Xbox, Astral V3 UI will now auto-adjust and fit on your screen. No more mobile, tablet,
big/small screen versions!

1. As per update, there is always a common pattern, and that is changing the Home Screen.
- Revamped the Homescreen
- Made the Options, Cosmetics, Skins and Profile buttons icons instead of text.
- Added a working profile picture display that can be found on the top right. When clicked, it will lead you to the
feedback website.
- Replaced the version text with "Logged in as your IGN".
- Added the achievements button.
- Added the character creator/profile button. Now you can use the old skin menu and the new skin menu!
- X button will no longer be out of screen.

2. GUI
- Removed the Custom Astral Inventory, replaced it with a transparent inventory instead.
- Revamped the buttons a little bit.
- Transparent GUI for Containers (Chests, Furnaces etc.)
- Recolored low-fire.
- Smooth Scoreboard and Removed Red numbers
- Clear Chat
- Bossbar is hidden to make the HUD cleaner.
The Smooth Scoreboard, Clear Chat, Bossbar and Particle Multiplier can be disabled/enabled on the pack options.
- Cleaner Hotbar
- Brand new EXP Bar (Cleaner)
- White DPads instead of Purple.

3. Rendering
- Added No Fog (both surface and water) for Windows 10.
- Unfortunately the No Fog can cause problems for Android/iOS. I haven't found a working No Fog yet.
- The Fullbright is still dead.
- Replaced the chroma outline selection with white outline selection.
- Removed the 2D clouds and opaque leaves rendering because you can just disable them on the settings.
4. Sounds
- Added new click sounds.
- Added new TNT and fireball sounds. (From TimeDeo/Acidic Pack because it is epic)
- Added new Bed Break sounds.
- Added new digging sounds for stone and more.

5. Texts
- Fire Charge is now named Fireball (Thank me later bed war players)

6. Textures
- Added ZenFrosty's version of the Astral Default Edit.
- The 16x16 Standarized (common) default edit is now NOT built-in and can be enabled/disabled in the pack options.

7. Bug Fixes
- Fixed the logo glitching out the first time you put on the pack.
- Fixed the UI.

8. Directories and Code
- Cleaned up some messy file directories. The Homescreen code will no longer be on /Homescreen, but rather on ui/screens. Buttons are now on ui/buttons, and so on.
- Cleaned up some code if some of you want to learn and understand how I made Astral.

I just want to thank you all for the incredible support. We hit 25k shares on mcpedl! And almost everyone I meet uses Astral Client which is just great!

NOTE 1: The subpacks may not take effect the first time, so if you do not see any changes, restart your Minecraft.
NOTE 2: To use Astral with other resource packs, put your resource pack above astral.
NOTE 3: If you want to display astral's GUI with your resource pack, then put your resource pack below astral.
NOTE 4: If you see the sliders having a white border, when you hover over the toggles it shows the default hovered toggle texture, then you must restart Minecraft.