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Astral Client V2 Official Release is finally here! The long awaited update.

In this version we shifted into a new, cleaner look and that Java Edition feel, while keeping it Astral themed.

1. Homescreen
- New Buttons
- New names for the buttons (Options for settings, Cosmetics for marketplace, and Wardrobe for skins).
- Added Singleplayer and multiplayer buttons.
- NOTE: The multiplayer button is not functional and is only a CONCEPT. Please do not report on #deleted-channel that the multiplayer button leads to worlds or suggest on #deleted-channel to add functionality to it because it's not possible.
- Your nametag now shows on the top left as well as the user icon!
- Added an X button.
- Added blur to the panorama.
- Brand new logo, as well as text, and they're separated.

2. Settings Screen
- Redesigned the toggles.
- Added back the accessibility options!
- Added back the Astral button!
- Made some texts on the settings screen to white for better visual.

3. Play Screen
- Transparent Disconnected Screen!
- The logo will no longer show when connecting to servers and worlds.

4. Pause Screen
- Added a screenshot button, Take Screenshot
- Made the pause screen transparent.

5. Chat Screen
- Made the autocomplete buttons show arrows instead of text.

6. Inventory Screen
- Made the inventory screen background transparent for faster loading.

7. Textures
- Added more less intrusive textures.
- Added better water, clear glass and outlined ores.
- Redesigned the wool to be 16x.
- Added a built-in permanent 16x Default Edit short swords pack.
- Less water fog.
- A new 8x8 pack.
- Fixed the empty drinkable water bottle texture.
8. More Fixes
- Fixed the old video section appearing on the settings section.
- Fixed the GUI Scale Slider always fixed on what your setting is before you applied the pack. So this means you can now change your GUI while on the client! (This wasn't possible before)
- Fixed the reverted "Hide Player Names" toggle.
- Fixed the invisible world bug.

- Added support for both Mobile and Tablets/iPads


Download V2