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Download (Version 2.1)

Welcome everyone to the Astral V2.1 Release!

This update is also known as the "Improvement Update" in which many aspects of the pack have been improved as well as the mb size of Astral.

1. A much more cleaner user interface.
2. Smooth fonts across some buttons.
3. Cleaner Scoreboards (Numbers removed)
4. A more lightweight panorama to reduce pack MB size and to significantly improve the loading of the Home Screen.
5. Reduced mb pack size by 4mb. (This is massive)
6. Brand new inventory screen, recipe book screen and creative inventory screen to match Java Edition as well as put some Astral touches.
7. Less transparency for the pause screen and inventory screen to improve performance.
8. A much more cleaner home screen.
9. Some minor improvements and changes to the Dark Mode, added a bit of that tint of blue, and now you can view the darkest of texts properly.
10. Cleaner buttons.
11. A much more simplistic slider.
12. A new 8x8 pack (By MichaelBricks) which has finally no checkered wool and it has a proper low fire now.
13. After on high demand, the old skin UI is finally back!
14. Added opaque leaves for faster rendering and improve performance.
15. Added scripts to optimize your user experience.
16. Added 2D clouds for faster rendering and improve performance.
17. Changed the pack icon.
18. Cleaner Redstone dust.


Download V2.1