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We're happy to announce that the beta phase has officially ended and we are now releasing the first public official release of the long awaited Astral Client V1!

What's new? Lots of stuff!
- Revamped the entire Home Screen and Settings Screen!
- The settings screen is now cleaner and well-arranged.
- We unlocked secret settings such as V-Sync, Max Framerate and Debug UI.
- We added chroma outline selection and edged wool for bedwars players.
- Lowfire, Clear Water and Optifine/Fast Grass!
- Brand new Purple-blue galaxy themed dark-mode buttons!
- Comes with 3 built-in packs!
- Astral Client MaxFPS 8x8 - changes all the block textures to 8x8 to make them clean, and boosts your FPS to the max!
- Astral Client 16x16 Default Edit - A specialized default edit pack for our fellow pvpers out there, focuses more on looks!
- Always Night Time - A pack where it sets your minecraft to be always night time! Perfect for duels montages or just... having fun!
- Autocomplete features on the chat for mobile players!

Issues fixed from the last beta build:
1. Fixed the client-logo glitching when you first put on the pack.
NOTE: This may not be fixed across all devices, but it fixed for me. The Mobile Version should always be correct.
2. Made the highlighted inventory slot a lot slimmer.
3. Optimizations for the mobile version.
4. Made the mobile icons in HUD screen a lot better than before.
5. Fixed the low-fire on 8x8 pack.

Changes from the last beta build:
1. Changed the panorama into a lighter, more vibrant purple sky.
2. Added an "Astral Client" button to show more info about the client and it's features.
3. Changed the mobile controls HUD to be better.
4. Added Less intrusive textures.
5. Added the subpacks.


Download V1